PrivMX 19 is here!

Check out all the updates we included in PrivMX 19, featuring encrypted Video Conferencing, Audio & Video Messages and some other smart solutions that help remote teams stay closer together.

What’s new in PrivMX 19? See a general list of updates and features.

Scroll down for detailed descriptions.

  • One-click end-to-end encrypted Video Conferencing tool. Enabling screen sharing and always-on-top mode, so that you can seamlessly use other PrivMX tools while you talk.

  • Encrypted Video, Audio and Photo messages: create and share files with one click. Great for async work, human feedback and free mind sharing.

  • GONG button to notify your Team Members. Use the GONG in any Chat to make yourself heard.

  • Back and forward main navigation buttons. Move freely to previously visited Sections and Tools

  • Window pinning to keep selected PrivMX windows always-on-top.

  • Personal ACToken: alternative mnemonic login. In case you lose or forget your password, there's now another way to log into your Team Server.

Want to know more? Here's a detailed list with screenshots:

1. One-click end-to-end encrypted Video Calls with screen sharing

If you’ve been using PrivMX 18, you probably know the experimental version of our audio conferencing tool. We've improved it a lot, added video and it's official: you can now hold encrypted video conferences in PrivMX. Use it in all chats and Sections - it’s build-in, end-to-end encrypted and works seamlessly on top of other PrivMX tools.

To start a call, just click the Start Video button on the right of the bottom menu in any chat channel:

Starting an encrypted Voice call with PrivMX

2. Video, Audio and Photo Messages: create and share encrypted files with one click.

To support teams in their Private Mind Exchange experience, we developed yet another form of encrypted messaging. From now on you can create a Video, Audio or Photo file straight in your selected Chat and send it to a selected member, a group of users or an entire Section within your Team. Like any other piece of data created and shared within your Team Server, these Files are also end-to-end encrypted.

We hope this feature will help Teams stay even more cohesive, supporting async work and spontaneous mind sharing. Sometimes an image is worth a 1000 chat words, and it’s simply easier to give human feedback by actually saying the words.

To send an encrypted Audio/Video/Photo message, just select the appropriate icon on the bottom Chat menu in any selected Chat channel, choose your file type and create your message:

Sending an encrypted Video Message with PrivMX

3. GONG button - shout out to your Team and get noticed

To let people know that you need their attention, you can now use the GONG button. Apart from the alarming yet pleasant sound, it activates a notification pop-up on their screens.

To use the GONG, just click the bell icon in a selected Chat channel:

Using the GONG button within PrivMX

4. Back and forward: meet the new main navigation buttons

To go back in time to the Sections and Tools your previously visited, just use the new pair of navigation buttons in your top bar menu, on the left next to the Tools menu:

Using the BACK & FORWARD button within PrivMX

5. Window pinning: always-on-top mode on

To improve the multitasking experience for PrivMX users, we’ve introduced this simple yet game-changing feature - from now on you can pin any PrivMX window and keep it on top of all other applications running on your desktop.

To start pinning, just click the pin icon in the top right corner of each window:

Pinning windows within PrivMX

6. Your Personal ACToken

This lifesaver feature helps users who lose or forget their PrivMX username and password, without compromising their security. With PrivMX 19 you can log into your Team Server using your regular username and password or your personal key in the form of a mnemonic. This unique list of random words is fixed and created automatically by the system, so you cannot edit it, but you can learn it by heart ;) or keep it somewhere safe in case of an emergency. 

To see your Personal ACToken, go to your User Settings in the top right corner:

Finding Personal ACToken in PRivMX User Settings

then click Passwords and you'll be able to see it:

Finding Personal ACToken in PRivMX User Settings

Remember to keep it somewhere safe as an alternative login.

We hope you'll enjoy using all the new features as much as we did introducing them. If you feel like giving some feedback, let us know!

Best from our Team!

Kasia Toczko

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