Private Mind Exchange

PrivMX is secure online collaboration plus freestyle project management.

Free and open software based on Zero-Knowledge Servers.

Tools Sections Care

All-in-one workspace

Many teams use an array of apps and platforms to keep up with their daily routine. But switching between many integrated platforms affects your focus and makes it even more challenging to keep your information flow smooth.

PrivMX keeps all your ideas, conversations, files and processes in one place:

Safe and agile

Easy and accessible

Transparent and flexible

All you need to get things done.

Fusion of Tools.

Just the right tools your team needs every day to stay focused and productive.



Talk, share files, updates and tasks, or send private messages via secure, build-in chat channel..



Create, share and organize text notes and mind maps; edit .jpg’s and upload any type of file to your workspace.



Create, organize, schedule and assign tasks; track your teams progress and get things done with to-do lists and kanban boards.



Schedule tasks and track deadlines fast; switch between overviews and personal timeframes to see the big picture and stay one step ahead.



Get creative with your team - make draft ideas and strategical business plans with a build-in mind map maker.

With its original 2-dimensional navigation, PrivMX lets you see the project from different angles.

Switch smoothly between tools and sections to find your own view, track messages and notifications, files and folders, issues and calendars.

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Your way to manage projects.

Organization of Sections.

Help your team organize and boost their creativity every day.

Arrange your projects and ideas freely in customized sections. Share sections with selected team members to keep your workflow and communication agile.

With its transparent, user-friendly structure, PrivMX allows seamless information flow and optimized communication. All valuable data is immediately assigned to a particular section and gets to the right team members on time.

Agile communication

  • No more chain emails and messy messaging apps: team members communicate via dedicated, issue-related or private chat channels: 1-on-1 and ad hoc groups.
  • Particular sections, files and threads can be shared with external partners.

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Protecting your data with end-to-end encryption

Levels of care

Our privacy-by-design policy takes care of your most valuable assets: ideas, plans, discussions and data. All of your intellectual property is safe and stored on EU-based servers.

  1. 1

    PrivMX workspace makes it easier for your team to take care of their goals.

  2. 2

    We take care of your security with end-to-end encryption: the best way of securing data on servers.

  3. 3

    All your content and its unique structure can be read and interpreted only on your team members' devices. No one else can read your data, as it's fully encrypted.

We believe that the unique way your team operates is your most valuable asset and it should be protected.

PrivMX was built around the concept of securing intellectual property and creating a safe, organic workspace for each team to thrive in.

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Is it a good fit for your business?

PrivMX for Your Team

Our Tools × Sections + Care approach make the software useful and flexible for all teams: distributed and stationary, self-organizing and managed, single- and multi-project. Whether you're a lean startup, teal organization or a corporate team aiming for agility, PrivMX will make it easier to get things done.

PrivMX for Your Team

Startups and Agile teams

shaping their internal processes.

R&D and Project teams

dealing with patents, Intellectual Property and data protection

Boards, Legal & Finance teams

working with the top-level business matters.

Safe and agile - from our team to yours.

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