Privacy as the new normal in business

Encryption technology is the new enterprise standard, allowing companies to secure any type of data at all times: in transit, in use, and on the servers. As the data can only be decrypted by the appropriate users, there’s no data processing or any third-party interference.

Meet the legal and market demands

Meet the growing requirements concerning data privacy. Comply with the latest legal regulations. Build stable privacy culture for better resilience. Lower the financial risk of building high quality privacy-by-design solutions from scratch.


Apps for business. Platform for developers.

Try PrivMX Apps

End-to-end encrypted for total privacy of all business relations

External relations
with clients and partners

  • communication via text & video
  • secure data sharing
  • confidential forms & inqueries
  • custom company layout & features
  • + more

Internal communication
in your team

  • communication via chat & video
  • agile task management
  • file sharing & storage
  • built-in editors
  • + more

+ Mobile companion app

  • communication via chat & voice memos
  • secure file uploading and sharing
  • + more

Develop your Apps

End-to-end encrypted for total privacy of all business relations

Create software with our low-level libs x86, arm, web
Use zero-knowledge PrivMX Cloud to host your apps and bots
Manage your apps with efficient PrivMX Platform API

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