Your team's
private digital workspace

Private Mind Exchange

Your team's
private digital workspace

  • Flexible
  • Smooth
    Task Management
  • Team-Oriented
Task Management
now with E2E ENCRYPTED
+ screen sharing
End-to-End Encryption used always, for all your data
You choose where your data is stored: in PrivMX Cloud or on-premise
Open Source Code for maximum transparency

Made in Europe. Privacy-by-design solution for better teamwork.

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now with E2E ENCRYPTED
+ screen sharing

All your team's work in one place

0 Chat Messages
0 Files + Folders
0 Tasks + Comments
0 Video Calls

* stats from our own Team Server (1 year's work)
Every piece of information end-to-end encrypted and protected by PrivMX software.

And how is your Team's data protected?

PrivMX tools:

Deeply interconnected for better teamwork

available in a single application,
easy to install and use.

  • Chats & Calls
  • Files
  • Tasks
  • Kanban boards
  • Mindmaps
  • Calendars

Designed to support cohesion and effectiveness in your team

See some original features we built to improve teamwork:

One-click, encrypted video calls + screen sharing and always-on-top mode

Pinning windows, tasks, to-do lists and sections to mark as important - to you or your team.

Interactive mind-maps with hyperlinked tasks & files for big picture thinking

Encrypted audio/video messages for async work, human feedback and mind sharing

Fine-tuned notification management: automatic or manual - you choose what and when to mark as read

Desktop integration with multi-window interface, hotkeys, shortcuts and tray menu

Workspace privacy for your remote team

Every conversation, idea, plan all your team's files, tasks, calendars, recordings, pictures, screenshots and any other piece of information your team produces and discusses is end-to-end encrypted and unreadable on the server side, even for system/cloud administrators.

It's not an option, it's by design - just like it should be.

PrivMX is the first ready-to-use, real-world software, implementing the idea of Privacy-By-Design

Teams that trust PrivMX:

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