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Fusionof Tools

PrivMX combines a few simple teamwork tools into one versatile instrument.

Designed for team players.

Chats   Files   Issues   Calendars
Mind Maps for analytical minds
and media players for all.

In PrivMX you can see each scope of your interest as a whole, from different perspectives (tools) - messages and notifications, files and folders, issues and their lists, calendars.

There is functional classification and no duplication of these base objects – for example: files attached to issues are also available in general files and folders perspective.

Easy two-dimensional navigation between tools and scopes allows team members to find their own individual path and point of view.

Organizationof Scopes

PrivMX helps teams to bring order in their everyday work.

Shared PrivMX Sections can be freely created for projects, departments, interests, informational or social purposes.

Each Section has its own set of tools (perspectives) and access policy.

In PrivMX team organization management takes place in a single "tree of Sections".

Most of new information goes to particular shared Sections and only the right people get notified and get access to it.

The rest of the information flows in private channels (1-on-1 and ad hoc groups) which supports interpersonal communication and own work of team members.

PrivMX Sections can be shared also with external co-workers and business partners.

Levelsof Care

1. Team takes care of their goals.

2. PrivMX Tools × Scopes take care of effectiveness of everyday teamwork.

3. Privacy-By-Design heart of PrivMX takes care of teams’ most valuable assets - ideas, plans and discussions.

We think that end-to-end encryption is the best way of securing important content on servers. Even administrators can't read data being stored and transmited. Our PrivMX Team Servers are no exception.

We've been building PrivMX from the ground guided by this concept and as an effect the e2e encryption is used to all types of content, not only messages.

The content and its structure is decrypted and can be read and interpreted ONLY on team members’ devices.

PrivMXfor Your Team

Thanks to the general "Tools × Scopes + Care" formula, PrivMX is an useful instrument for all teams --

-- distributed and stationary. Self-organizing and managed. Single- and multi-project.

Start your first PrivMX Team Server in a few minutes and try yourself!

There are kinds of teams which directly benefit from using PrivMX:

Startups and Agile teams shaping their internal processes.

R&D and Project teams that would like to boost productivity and actively protect their Intellectual Property.

Boards and Legal, Finance teams that work on/with the top-level business matters.

Matt and Sebastian, PrivMX founders

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