Levels of care

PrivMX takes care of the most important assets of your Team:

Time and Focus

All-in-one workspace with just the tools and data you need.

Interpersonal Relations

Teamwork environment supporting organic communication flow.

Intellectual Property

All conversations, files, comments, tasks and sensitive data secured inside your Team Server.

How do we protect your Intellectual Property?

Privacy-by-design policy

Since the very beginning, the idea of privacy has been deeply rooted in PrivMX development, determining all the decisions we have made on the way.

We have held on to this concept through the entire process of designing and implementing the system, and it still remains our top priority.

That's why in PrivMX, data protection is not just an option you choose - it's a default, fundamental feature.

End-to-end encryption

We think that currently this is the best and most reasonable way to protect your data on servers. Each content you create and share with your team may be decrypted and read on the personal computers of team members only.

All your conversations, every file, task, comment, calendar, attachment, picture, screenshot, stored within your PrivMX Team Server, is encrypted, unreadable and undistinguishable for our (and yours if you host by yourself) system admins and hardware.
PrivMX Team Server is a real-world implementation of the Zero-Knowledge server idea.

Private User workspaces

Ideas are often born on private desks of team members.

That's why every PrivMX Team Member has their own protected workspace within a Team Server, which no one else can access.

Secure sharing

Many ideas should be shared and discussed among Team Members, not all, just some ;)
In PrivMX you can share everything privately on 1-on-1 channels or in private ad-hoc groups or in Sections.
Sections are like dedicated rooms - you can place selected tools inside, and if you like - control access to the place.
And everything is end-to-end encrypted.

Member access policy

You create a PrivMX Team Server as its first, special user - Team Keeper. Team Keepers can manage team members and top-level Sections.

There are two main kinds of Team Member accounts in PrivMX:

Managed Team Members - starting off with a temporary password set by a Team Keeper, who can also reset it at any time.

Private Team Members - setting the password by themselves on their devices - Team Keepers (and server admins) have no access to it and can't reset it. If the password is lost, it can't be restored and the account is inaccessible.

You can also invite External Users, who start off similarly to Managed Team Members, but have no access to common internal Sections and no ability to create new Sections. External Users can only enter the Sections they were granted explicit access to.

2-factor authentication -- in situations when your password is compromised, 2-factor authentication gives an additional layer of protection to your account and data. We use standard 2FA methods available via your smartphone. We recommend using 2FA by all your Team Members and Users.

GDPR Compliance

Our privacy-by design policy makes PrivMX software fully compliant with GDPR.

With end-to-end encryption, 2FA and user accounts' settings, PrivMX can easily be adapted by teams with high demands on data protection.

PrivMX Team Servers hosting

We host PrivMX Team Servers in data centres physically situated in Europe and compliant with EU laws and policies. You select a location each time you create a new Team Server.

You can host your PrivMX Team Server by yourself, too. If you know a decent data centre in your neighbourhood, please let us know.

Encrypted Backups + Access to History

Your end-to-end encrypted data stored by your Team Server is backed up in a different location on a daily basis. It is reasonable protection for you and for us. We are able able to restore your Team Server in minutes.

Safe and agile - from our team to yours.

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