Welcome to PrivMX Fusion - the 23rd version of PrivMX software.

New views of user settings and Tasks, 2 new language versions, new interface colours, changes in Files and Sections and in the onboarding, new search function in Sections and Chats - you can find all this in PrivMX 23, which is now called PrivMX Fusion. Learn what's new in the detailed blogpost below!

New version of PrivMX is now available! Apart from all the changes noticeable at first glance - the new, juicy interface and notification colours - we have improved the onboarding and added some brand new functions and views in Tasks.

In general, it's Tasks that have gone through the most visible transformation. Version 23 offers new Kanban and List views, new ways of sorting them, as well as the possibility of moving multiple Tasks at once between Sections. We have also added the option to mark files as your favourites and a new search tool in the sidebar.

Below, you will find a detailed list of the new PrivMX 23 features, sorted by categories.


Tasks have come though most visible and revolutionary changes. From the new, adjustable Tile view, through new options of sorting and changing their order, up to moving several Tasks at once between Sections - this revolution deserve a separate blog post ;)

To find out more about what's new with Tasks in PrivMX Fusion, see this article.

As a teaser - here's a seak peek of the 3 Task views:

new tasks views


You will also find some new colours within Files - we've refreshed the file icon colours and they are now compatible with the new interface colour scheme.

What is more, we have also added the option to mark files as favourites. To do that, simply click the star icon, which appears in the top right corner of the file icon when you hover. You will find them later in My Favourite Files in the sidebar: adding files to favourites


Find users' and Sections' names in Chats and Sections.

Apart from the global content search available in the top bar menu, the new version of PrivMX features a sidebar search tool, enabling users to filter Sections and Chats by name. To find a particular Section or User, just click the little search icon or start typing after selecting any sidebar element:

search in left bar - Sections and Chats


New interface colours

From now on, users can choose between 4 different sidebar colours and 5 notification colours! Whether you prefer a dark mode or some more energetic combination, you'll surely find a perfect option. Interface colours window can be found in the User Settings:

search in left bar - Sections and Chats

The chosen colour scheme appears in the whole interface consistently. What's more, Tasks and Calendar also got a fresh look.

New Team Keeper - now Team Server - window

You can find the settings window for Team Keepers under a new name now. The Team Server window leads to a visually refreshed Team Keeper menu:

new view of Team Keeper window

Cropping your avatar photo

From now on, all profile pictures are automatically resized to fit a square - that way all your team's avatars look consistent. You can crop your photo in User Settings:

cropping avatar photo


Creating a new Section with a copied list of users

While creating a new Section, PrivMX 23 allows you to copy a selected group of users from an existing Section and automatically grant them access to the new one. In the process of creating a new Section, while defining access, simply choose the new option "Get users and groups from other Sections":

copying users from other Sections


All new PrivMX users, starting from downloading the new version, will be using a new, simplified path. We have refreshed the look of the start screen and the sidebar. Each new user will see a screen with two shortcuts leading to two of our tools: Chats and Files.

The full list of tools will appear after clicking "more" on the start screen or after clicking the "..." icon at the top bar:

first widow of PrivMX Fusion

We have also prepared new windows for setting up a Team Server:

From now on, there's an additional step within the onboarding process, allowing users to copy the mnemonic and the ACToken and store it safely for later use. It's especially handy in case of losing the password to your account.


Welkom bij PrivMX! Willkommen bei PrivMX!

From now on, you can use PrivMX in 2 more languages: Dutch and German.

2 new languages in PrivMX

Please note that this is a work-in-progress version, so if you have any remarks on the way, feel free to let us know, we'll be happy to get some feedback from native speakers :)

We've been working on this new version for a long time and our whole team is wondering how the users will respond to all the changes. Let us know using our contact form or social media. We're waiting for your feedback!

Kasia Toczko

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