A companion app for PrivMX Fusion

PrivMX Pocket

Keep selected Sections (Chats+Files) on your mobile, make and share text notes and photos and stay in touch with your Team - wherever you work.

  • Secured with End-To-End Encryption
    at all times
  • Per-Section Authorisation
    for better security of your account
  • Disconnect lost devices
    and control the access to your data

Tired of using social messaging apps at work?
Need a dedicated, secure mobile app to communicate and share files with your team?

Try PrivMX Pocket - a mobile extension of PrivMX Fusion, designed for better teamwork and security. Put selected Sections, Chats and Files into your mobile Pocket on your phone or tablet to stay in touch and stay safe. Keep your work separate, organised and secured.

Work from Home. Work from the Office. Work from Anywhere.

Stay connected
and safe.

Keep your essential contacts and files close, organised and secure. It's up to you what's in your mobile Pocket.

  • Communicate with your team in one-on-one chats, ad hoc groups or selected Section channels;
  • Write text notes, upload and organise them within your PrivMX Sections;
  • Make & share photos and store them directly in your PrivMX Team Server.

How to start? Easy!

It's simple - just click Put in my Pocket
and scan the QR code! No passwords needed.

To start, select a Section in your PrivMX Fusion, click the Put in my Pocket icon and open your PrivMX Pocket app. Scan the QR code and it will allow your Pocket app to access all the content of the selected Section.

You can disconnect this Section from your Pocket anytime in your User Settings on PrivMX Fusion.

Keep control of your data on devices.

If you lose your mobile device, you can easily disconnect your Sections from your Pocket App.

To block access to your data on a stolen mobile device immediately, just go to your User Settings on the desktop app, where you can find all the mobile devices accessing your PrivMX Sections.

The overview includes the date of creating the access QR code, a list of your devices assigned to selected Sections, and the time when they were last used. To disconnect particular device or Section just click on the red Bin button.

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