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Frequently Asked Quesions

Where do I complete my order for a Team Server and make the payment?

How much storage space does a team of 10 members need with PrivMX?

Can I use PrivMX with my team of more than 30 people?

Can I change my storage space settings and number of Team Members later ?

Can I use PrivMX on many devices?

Can I export my PrivMX data, including Text Notes and Mind Maps, after the free trial is over?

Do you have any special pricing plans for NGOs, early-stage R&D startups, cultural institutions or charities?

Can I extend my Idea Incubator pricing plan after 3 months?

Who is a Team Keeper?

How do updates work?

What is PrivMX Control Center?

Do the prices include VAT?

Why can’t you just click a button and activate the server here on this web page?

What does your name stand for? What does PrivMX mean?

What are your plans for the future?

If you already have PrivMX Desktop installed

If you have a question about our pricing policy, get in touch with our team.


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