PrivMX Version 17 is here and it's great!

The brand new version of PrivMX contains some features that bring your teamwork to yet another Level of Care. Here’s an update on how we improved UX, user settings, notifications and files management.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on improving certain PrivMX features. We’re happy to announce that our dev team has made the workspace even better and more flexible for all the Team Keepers and Team Members out there!

Here’s what’s new:

1. More data available in Team Keeper’s profile

From now on you can access various data straight in your PrivMX Team Keeper user profile:

Team Keeper's profile view with new features

  • Detailed info on the exact number of Team server’s users: Team Members/External Users;
  • Server storage usage - see how much space is left and how much has been used so far;
  • Team Server location;
  • The exact time of the last backup;

Team Keeper's view on Team Members'status, 2FA settings and blocking feature

  • More data on the online status of your Team Members - you can check the exact time of their last log in;
  • Blocking / unblocking selected Team Members - if there’s a need, you’re able to block a certain user with one click;
  • Disabling Team Members’ 2FA - you can turn off the 2FA of a selected Team Member with just a click - next time when someone loses their phone, you'll be able to secure their account fast.

Team Keepers are also able to delete the demo content on their Team Server’s with just a click - and start arranging their workspace from scratch.

2. Enhanced Team Member’s avatar

You can now get additional info on your fellow Team Members just by hovering over their avatar. You can see their:

PrivMX Team Member's avatar preview

  • Enlarged profile photo;
  • Member status: Team Keepers & External Users who are accompanied by a mail address, as well;
  • Online status: check who's online/offline and for how long;
  • The PrivMX version they are currently using;
  • The OS of their device.

3. Pinning selected Sections, Team Members and group Chats

You can arrange your sidebar menu just the way you like it by pinning Sections, people and conversations in the right order - just hover over the selected icon and you’ll see a pin. Use it to personalize your view according to current priorities. Enjoy the pinning ;)

4. New notifications settings

It’s much easier now to keep track of the latest updates in your Tools and Sections! As you know, you can personalize all notification settings of every Section, creating your own information flow. According to your settings, any update appears as a blue PrivMX bubble.

From now on, you can choose what clicking a Bubble activates and decide on your own way of marking a notification as read, that is popping the Bubble. Select in your User Profile / Interface settings whether you want to click to pop it, or double-click to make sure you have really read what you're marking as read. This way, knowing your own work routine and attention span, you're able to personalize the feature in a way that prevents missing on any important updates.

PrivMX notification settings, marking notifications as read

Not only does it improve the agility of your workspace, but your audio experience, as well. We added a brand new popping sound, so go ahead and burst some Bubbles! Hope you like what you hear ;)

5. Quoting messages in Chat

That’s what all of our PrivMX team has been looking forward to for some time now :) By popular demand - we’ve introduced quotes in chat channels and conversations, so that you can comment on a certain part of the talk, adding context and making it more fluent.

quoting messages in PrivMX chat

We're enjoying it very much!

6. New emojis

We know that to some, an image speaks louder than many words, especially when it comes to giving feedback. That’s why our graphic designers came up with a brand new set of emojis that will make it easier for your team to communicate. Whether you’re GenX, Millennials or GenZ at heart, it’s always nice to get a ? , isn’t it?

7. Viewing images in Chat

You can preview each image shared via chat channel or conversation straight inside the Chat - no need to open it in a separate window.

previewing imapes in PrivMX Chat

8. Zooming on image files

Sometimes you need to get a closer look at an image - it’s now much easier with a new zoom in + | - zoom out button (see screenshot above), available while editing in the right bottom corner. It’s our modest tribute to all #workfromhome Team Members forced to use tiny-screen desktops nowadays. Keep calm and zoom in!

9. Hyperlinking in Mindmaps

You can share links in Mindmaps now - just paste a link and it's active. Perfect for gathering inspiration in a structured way and sharing it with your Team.

10. Files in Trash

Imagine your favourite file landed in trash and you need to find out who’s to blame. No worries, from now you can check which Team Member made the decision, as we’re displaying this information for each deleted file.

We’re looking forward to getting your feedback on the new version. If there’s anything you find especially useful, let us know! Same applies to any feature requests - our team is dedicated to making PrivMX the best workspace for you and your Team, so we’d appreciate any fresh ideas.

Let us know!

Kasia Toczko

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