Best choice for remote teams

PrivMX for startups

Your ideas, projects and communication
in a compact digital workspace
that protects data and respects innovation

Got your own hosting? Launch PrivMX for free

  • Secured with End-To-End Encryption
  • Based on Zero-Knowledge Servers
  • Open-Source for transparency

New project? New idea? New team?
You need tools to communicate, collaborate, organize and manage tasks.

Don't compromise, choose one that keeps your intellectual property private.
Grow your startup in a protected workspace where no third-party can access and process your data.

Safe & agile workspace for your new project

Flexible, user-friendly, with all the Tools your team needs

  • Chats & Calls
  • Files
  • Tasks
  • Kanban boards
  • Mindmaps
  • Calendars

For new teams

No experience in team collaboration? No worries!
PrivMX is a starter-pack for your next project.

Create your Team Server in minutes, invite Team Members/External Users, plan, organize, communicate and get things done smoothly - all in one protected workspace.

For Re-starts

Feeling stuck with old tools? Ready to try something new?

Start fresh in an organic digital workspace that supports creativity, respects workstyle differences and makes teamwork smooth again.

See more about PrivMX tools.

For new beginnings

Ready to start fresh? Looking for a clean canvas for your next project?

PrivMX is simple, intuitive and safe. No need to switch between to-do apps, chats and emails, it has all you need to plan and organize your new business project. One workspace for all your fresh ideas.

See why you should start fresh with PrivMX.

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