We believe in privacy

...as a human right and as the new standard in business.
That's why we created PrivMX.

PrivMX stands for Private Mind Exchange:

an idea for ecosystem of tools that protect their users’ data with the most reasonable technology: end-to-end encryption.

Privacy-by-design, encryption-by-default
To us, there’s no other way: we use encryption every day to protect our company’s assets and to offer our clients & partners a better way to communicate, collaborate and build their businesses.
So far, we’ve implemented it in many IT solutions, such as an alternative webmail system, an all-in-one collaboration software for internal teamwork and a mobile app for secure photo sharing.

PrivMX team consists of IT specialists, developers, designers, lawyers, marketers and project managers, who have one thing in common: we all believe that humans are more important than tools or data.

We’re focused on developing an entire ecosystem of digital products that takes users’ data to the next level of care. We believe that trust, respect, responsibility and consensus are key factors in every type of project.

To know more about our philosophy shaping the development of PrivMX, check out "The Origins of PrivMX" - a special blog post series by Matt.

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