PrivMX Team Servers

PrivMX desktop software uses PrivMX Team Servers to store your end-to-end encrypted data and synchronize your teamwork. Your first Team Server is free for 100 days for max 25 users - just enough to start a short-term project.

Then, you can decide how many resources your team needs for a next period of time:

Idea Incubator

  • 3 Sections
  • 3 Team Members
  • 1 GB storage space
  • 3 months
Monthly cost / member:
Total fee: (for 3 months)

Prices do not include VAT.


  • Unlimited Sections and Subsections
  • One-time fee depends on the size of your Team and storage space

Check your fee:

Monthly cost / member:
Total fee: (for 3 months)

Prices do not include VAT.


  • Unlimited Sections and Subsections
  • Unlimited Team Members and storage space
  • In-house Team server

Please contact us for details.

Contact us

Tools Sections Care

All-in-one teamwork solution, keeping your information flow organic and safe.

With PrivMX each of your Team Members downloads desktop software with:

Tools Sections

2-dimensional workspace for flexible communication, organic collaboration and agile project management, including:

  • Chat to communicate and share files in 1-on-1 or custom channels
  • unlimited Issues (tasks and assignments)
  • File editor to create Quick Text Notes and Mind Maps
  • progress tracking with kanban view, to-do lists and Calendars
  • Sections to arrange your teamwork, group your data and resources and manage access
  • global search
  • unlimited access to file and message history
  • build-in image and screenshot editor
  • intuitive shortcut key navigation


Privacy-by-design policy to keep your Team’s workspace protected, based on:

  • private storage space in a secure Team Server
  • end-to-end encryption + 2 factor authentication - the best and most reasonable way to keep your all your files, conversations and ideas safe
  • GDPR compliance - complex user accounts' settings and EU-based data centers
  • 3 types of accounts: managed, private and external
  • Team Keeper accounts
  • daily backups
  • free updates of the PrivMX Desktop Application
  • access to PrivMX Control Centre

Each of the pricing plans includes all the features.

Whether you’re starting something new and need an Idea Incubator to turn your visions into reality or looking for an alternative workspace to boost your team’s creativity, PrivMX has all you need.

Any questions?

PrivMX Team Server pricing and ordering FAQ


Where do I complete my order for a Team Server and make the payment?


How much storage space does a team of 10 members need with PrivMX?


Can I use PrivMX with my team of more than 30 people?


Can I change my storage space settings and number of Team Members later ?


Can I use PrivMX on many devices?


Can I export my PrivMX data, including Text Notes and Mind Maps, after the free trial is over?


Do you have any special pricing plans for NGOs, early-stage R&D startups, cultural institutions or charities?


Can I extend my Idea Incubator pricing plan after 3 months?


Do the prices include VAT?

If you have a question about our pricing policy, get in touch with our team.


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