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What is the location of PrivMX Fusion data centres?

What is PrivMX Cloud?

What does „zero-knowledge” mean?

Is the PrivMX Cloud software also open source?

What's the max number of users and gigabytes of storage space in PrivMX Cloud?

Do you have a mobile app?

What are hardware requirements for on-premise installations?

Can I migrate between PrivMX Cloud and on-premise?

Do you offer any support in the on-premise offer?

May I use the web-browser client also in my on-premise installation?

How much storage space does a team of 10 members need with PrivMX?

Can I use PrivMX Fusion with my team of more than 25 people?

Where do I complete my order for a Team Server and make the payment?

What type of encryption does PrivMX Fusion use?

Does PrivMX Fusion store my password?

What is end-to-end encryption?

Can I set up 2FA?

What if I lose my password?

How does private account work?

What is ACToken?

Where can I find my ACToken?

How to encrypt a message?

How to encrypt tasks?

Can I change my storage space settings and the number of Team Members later?

Can I use PrivMX Fusion on many devices?

Can I export my PrivMX Fusion data, including Text Notes, Spreadsheets and Mind Maps?

Do you have any special pricing plans?

Who is a Team Keeper?

How do updates work?

What is PrivMX Control Center?

Do the prices include VAT?

Where can I set up new user accounts?

What are your plans for the future?

How to set up a new Team Server if I already have PrivMX Fusion installed?

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