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This blogpost contains a recap of all PrivMX feature and system updates so far. Scroll to see digests of all historical changelogs with links to separate, detailed articles.

Here's a complete set of all PrivMX changelogs so far. The current changelog is always on top. Scroll down to see historical versions and see links to a detailed blog post at the end of each summary.

PrivMX 20

release date: 23.09.2021

  • Support for new PrivMX Pocket, a companion app for desktop PrivMX Learn more at:

  • Exporting Sections: download the content of your Sections to your device. Choose the type of content and the download format.

  • New internal file selection: select and share files within PrivMX Team Server more easily.

    ...(full changelog coming soon)

PrivMX 19

release date: 16.02.2021

  • One-click end-to-end encrypted Video Conferencing tool: enabling screen sharing and always-on-top mode, so that you can seamlessly use other PrivMX tools while you talk.

  • Encrypted Video, Audio and Photo messages: create and share files with one click. Great for async work, human feedback and free mind sharing.

  • GONG button to notify your Team Members: use the GONG in any Chat channel or Section to make yourself heard.

  • Back and forward main navigation buttons: move freely to previously visited Sections and Tools

  • Window pinning: keep selected PrivMX windows always-on-top.

  • Personal ACToken as alternative login: in case you lose or forget your username and password, there's now a way to log into your Team Server with your personal mnemonic token.

See detailed blogpost at

PrivMX 18.10

release date: 10.11.2020

  • OS Windows updater fixed

  • Limited Users’ Account bug fixed

  • Autostart settings: with 18.10, PrivMX is able to start automatically with your operating system.

  • Locking and unlocking Files made easier: the Lock/Unlock buttons are visible in Files toolbar and next to each Mind Map and Text Note file.

  • Improvements of timeframe view options, including improving the Date Time Picker view.

  • Text Notes optimised: creating and opening a Text Note straight from hotkeys, tray and throughout Files is now faster.

  • Voice Chat improvements: audio notifications muted automatically during a voice call.

  • Search Engine optimization in Chat’s historical data.

  • Video player improvements: high-resolution video files are now displayed properly on screens with various parameters.

  • Separate PrivMX windows view improvement: each new opened separate PrivMX window is now 60% the size of your screen by default.

  • Email notifications’ settings fixed: users can get selected PrivMX notifications straight to their inboxes.

See detailed blogpost at

PrivMX 18

Release date: 29.10.2020

  • End-to-end encrypted Voice Chat (experimental): a secure, encrypted by design audio conferencing tool, enabling voice calls with selected Team Members while navigating through PrivMX workspace. Included - notification system to inform other Team Members about the call.

  • Files synchronization: with PrivMX 18, users are able to open any file and work on it simultaneously with other Team Members. Conflicted copies of files are now saved and get a separate file name. It's up to the team to erase the unnecessary, conflicted copies and combine all the versions into the final one. Plus, there's a way to lock files manually.

  • In-text links to ISSUES and FILES: users are now able to link to a particular File or Issue anywhere within the workspace: in the Chat, inside Issue comments, text notes and even mind maps.

  • Separate windows for Tools and Sections: users can now open selected Tools within a selected Section in a separate window.

  • Improved Chat search: search result appears in context, among 3 prior and 3 subsequent messages.

  • Fine tunning of User Access Rights: the Limited user can now use a normal login, like any other Team Member. Plus: the Team Keeper window got a facelift, too.

  • Many minor changes: multi-selection in mind-maps, better calendar views, additional styles in notes (font sizes, margins), optimisations in chats, and many more…

See detailed blogpost at

PrivMX 17

release date: 10.06.2020

  • More data available in Team Keeper’s profile: access various data straight from PrivMX Team Keeper user profile.

  • Enhanced Team Member’s Avatar: additional info on Team Members' appears when hovering over their avatar.

  • Pinning selected Sections, Team Members and group Chats: pin to personalize the view according to current priorities.

  • New Notification settings: choose what, when and how to mark as read by personalizing your Interface settings.

  • Quoting messages in Chat: quote and comment on selected messages.

  • New Emojis: choose one that speaks louder than words ;)

  • Image preview in Chat: see previews of the images shared in Chat -no need to open it in a separate window.

  • Zooming on image files: get a closer look at an image with a new zoom in + | - zoom out button.

  • Hyperlinks in Mindmaps: share links in Mindmaps - just paste a link and it's active!

  • Trashed Files' update: check which Team Member decided to put a File in Trash.

See detailed blogpost at

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