Setting up accounts for your Team Members

Setting up the workspace for your team is essential, but you'll find it really easy with PrivMX.  Let's start with inviting your Team Members. First, enter your Team Keeper space in the user profile (top right corner):


After clicking on it, you'll see your Team management panel with all the basic information considering your Team Members and your PrivMX workspace:


Inviting Team Members to your Team Server

As you're performing the role of the Team Keeper, it's your task to create your colleagues accounts and invite them to your PrivMX Team Server.

As you can see above, there's a disctinction between Team Members' accounts. There are actually three types of Team Members' accounts within a Team Server:

  • Managed Member account - you set up the login and password; the user can later set up their own, but you're allowed to edit it or generate a new one in case they lose their logging data;
  • Private Member account - you set up the primary login and password that can be later changed by the user; in case it gets lost, there's no way to recover it;
  • External Users' account (that you create via "External users" option in your Team Mnanagement panel)  - you set up the login and password and decide which Sections and Tools are to be accessed by the user, as he/she is not able to enter the open-access Sections or start a conversation first with any other Team Member.

To invite your colleagues to join PrivMX workspace, just click the "+ Add team member" button in the top right corner and fill in a simple form:


Note that you can choose whether the account is to be Managed or Private.

To invite an Externel User, just choose "External Users" in you Team Keeper area and click "+ Add User":


As you can see, this is a managed type of account. Note that by you can also create a private space for this user within your Team Server here, where they can create and store their private files.

Your Team Keeper's space is also where you can see your Team Server's detailed settings: PrivMXinterface

Once you've invited all your team to join PrivMX, it's time to learn more about how you can use all the features it has to offer.


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