Private digital workspace

Fusion of Tools

All the Tools your team needs in one compact space - advanced, secure and deeply interconnected.

  • Chats & Calls
  • Files
  • Tasks
  • Kanban boards
  • Mindmaps
  • Calendars

See how Tools work together for a better teamwork experience. No more distractions - stay on top of projects and get things done thanks to PrivMX original features.

Chats & Calls

Communication is key to building successful teams. PrivMX lets you talk to your Team Members in various ways:

Chat in one-on-one, ad hoc groups and Section channels

Talk to particular Team Members, create group conversations or chat in thematic channels.

Use built-in, secure Video Conferencing tool

Have video calls with selected Team Members or the whole Team in a chosen Section

Send encrypted Audio, Video and Photo messages

Record audio or video files, create and send photos securely.

There are many things you can do in PrivMX Chats:


Sharing files


Discussing Tasks


Track progress


Search and find information


Get feedback

Everything you type is encrypted and can be read only by your fellow Team Members in selected Sections.


PrivMX keeps all your files safe and accessible to the right Team Members. Use it to:


Create with a build-in editor:






Cooperate on files


Edit images with a build-in graphic editor


Make and edit screenshots

To keep your workspace clean and lightweight, we use no file duplications. You can access the same file through Chat, Files, Tasks or Calendars, attach it to various Tasks, Text Notes and Mind Maps - and it's still the same file.


There are as many ways of getting things done as there are people - and your Team should have its own way. PrivMX supports the creativity and natural workflow of every Team Member - no strict patterns or imposed structures.

You can use it to organize and track:








If your teamwork needs a timeframe, use Calendars to deal with:





Scheduling a date or timeline within each Task automatically creates Calendars dedicated for the Task and updates all of your assigned Team Members' personal Calendars.

Desktop integration

PrivMX desktop client software is designed to be a part of your personal computer, as an application for your operating system. We hope your team will appreciate and enjoy:

Multi-window and multi-display interface

You can arrange PrivMX windows comfortably on all of your displays.

Always-on-top windows

You can pin important windows to be displayed on top of all other system windows - great for video chats and notes!

Hotkeys and tray icon

The most important PrivMX functions have hotkeys assigned and are available in the system tray area.

Safe and agile - from our team to yours.

Learn more about PrivMX security standards

See Privacy Features

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