The all-in-one software for your new project

Start fresh with PrivMX

Whether you’re a startup newbie, an experienced entrepreneur or just have an idea for your new project, we have what you need to start fresh.

Secured with End-To-End Encryption

New beginnings are always hard. PrivMX is here to make it easier.
Stop struggling - start making your idea happen.

PrivMX: secure workspace for your new project

Agile and user-friendly, with all the tools you need in one place:

  • Chat
  • Files
  • Tasks
  • Kanban
  • Mindmaps
  • Calendar

For startups:

No office space? No team yet? No worries!
PrivMX is a starter-pack for your next project.

Grow your idea, invite Team Members and External Users, plan, organize and get things done in one workspace. Protect your intellectual property with E2EE.

Our special offer for startups: Start fresh 50% off →

For Re-starts:

Stuck in-between projects?
Ready to try something new?

Start all over again in a fresh digital workspace for virtual collaboration, remote work and project management - agile and secured with end-to-end encryption to keep your ideas safe.
Flexible settings and pricing.

For new beginnings:

Struggling at your #homeoffice?
Looking for a clean canvas for your next project?

PrivMX is simple, intuitive and safe. No need to switch between to-do apps, chats and email inbox, it has all you need to plan and organize your new business project. One workspace for all your fresh ideas.

Start fresh with PrivMX!

Let your computer(s) work for you.

Download PrivMX now

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