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What are Sections?

In PrivMX, your team’s daily routine and long-term goals are organized in Sections. You can use them to arrange your team’s communication, tasks, files and resources.

A Section may include a selected group of your Team Members, working on a certain topic together or relate to a particular aspect of your common workload - it’s all up to your team, the nature of your project and your industry. Every Section has its own set of Tools: Chat channel, Files, Issues and Calendar.

With most apps, in order to see all communication, files, tasks and calendars concerning a particular area of your teamwork, you need to click your way deep into it.

PrivMX lets you see the Big Picture right away - just click swiftly through all the Tools in your horizontal menu to find all Chats, Files, Issues and Calendars within the particular section.

Try it for yourself!

Switch between PrivMX Sections in the sidebar menu.

Now click through this Section's Tools in your top menu

With each Tool you choose, you get a different perspective at your data. It’s the 2 dimensional structure that makes all the difference.

Organization of Sections

The are many ways to organize teamwork. We believe each team has the right to collaborate in an organic workspace, flexible and adapted to their needs.

Most of project management tools are designed for supervision and control, forcing certain way of planning and collaborating.

PrivMX was designed to free your team’s mindset and unleash your creativity in arranging the workspace.

Teamwork is not just about tracking tasks and deadlines, it’s about seeing the Big Picture.

The new approach to AGILE

As far as getting things done, we’re supporting your agile team with kanban view, to-do lists, tasks, assignments and chat channels. But we feel Agile is more than just tools. It’s Tools x Sections + Care.

Using Sections and Tools makes it easy for each of your Team Members to stay updated with your team’s progress. The way we see it, staying Agile is all about:

  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility

PrivMX innovative, 2-dimensional structure allows your Team to respond to any changes and keep its information flow organic.

All notifications within Sections and Tools are fully adjustable, so users can track down the essential updates, comments or ideas according to personal settings.

With a special focus on human-to-human communication via chat channels, PrivMX supports interaction and connection - fundaments of successful teamwork.

Safe and agile - from our team to yours.

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